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Mission Statement
"Serving Our Community as Family; with Compassion, Empathy and Professionalism"



Be part of a Team that impacts the future of your Courthouse 



Putting My Experience
to Work for your Courthouse

As your current Clerk of Court, I have had the privilege of volunteering, interning, working for elected clerks and practicing law in your courthouse for over twenty five years.  I am seeking your vote again to continue to draw on my unique experiences and skills to work for our community for the next four years.

In 2018, I ran my campaign based on relevant job experience.  I have to be honest, nothing could have prepared me for a operating a courthouse during a worldwide pandemic.  However, I was grateful that I used that experience to manage the day to day responsibilities of the job while focusing on evolving, life threatening, issues of operating essential in-person court functions during a pandemic.  


The pandemic has honed leadership qualities in us that previously did not exist.  These newly honed leadership qualities are going to be critical as our court transitions from paper filing of the past and present to a paperless future in the next year.


No other candidate will have managed the personnel, procedures, and day to day court requirements during a pandemic.

I am very proud of our Clerk's Office team for showing up and pulling together to provide the access to justice for our community.  Wake County deserves a Clerk that is experienced, one who understands the job, the stakeholders, and the procedures that keep the Clerk's Office functioning efficiently and effectively at peak capacity regardless of the challenges.   


A vote for Blair will keep this experience running the day to day operations while preparing your court for the future.


What's Happening at the Courthouse?


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